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About Us

McMillan Woods is a global network or association of independent local and regional firms.

How Are We Different?

Our services are well recognised and trusted by financial institutions and authorities.

Why Choose Us?

We have built our client base through our committed services with quality performance and proven track record.


McMillan Woods International is a global network of chartered accountants and business advisors.


Our Mission

Meeting our client’s highest expectations is our standard | To exceed those expectations is our goal.

Being recognized as a global strategic financial business partner in fulfilling and to value-add the needs of our clients by way of a Multiple Disciplinary Partnership.

Our Vision

To continuously scale new heights and to embrace the vision of “The Business Mind” with the focus to meet global challenges of tomorrow.

From the Chairman of McMillan Woods Singapore and Vice President of McMillan Woods International

McMillanwoods Consultancy Pte Ltd (Singapore) is a professional service company deploying highly qualified and experienced accounting and secretarial professionals to provide Accounting, Taxation, Company Incorporation, Business Re-structuring, Business Development Partnership and Social Media Marketing Partnership services to different types of companies, such as sole-proprietorships, partnerships, SMEs, corporations and companies.

McMillanwoods have been in the market long enough to fulfil both clients’ local and global business requirements. We can be your one-stop partner for meeting your business needs. Our dedicated team able to serve the needs of companies, providing a top-notch team of skilled experts and we guarantee a seamless service that will keep clients satisfied.

McMillanwoods are highly competent professionals with experienced and regularly updated with accounting and auditing standards, tax regulations and financial reporting requirements.

McMillanwoods can assure the newly incorporated companies wishing to concentrate on their core business can outsource their financial, accounting, secretarial and taxation functions to our company.

McMillanwoods offer our clients top quality professional services, with a personal touch. We are committed to the provision of a high quality financial, accounting, auditing, payroll, secretarial and taxation services. We place strong emphasis on promptness, accessibility and reliability in dealings with clients.

Jayapal Ramasamy,

Executive Director of McMillanwoods Consultancy Pte Ltd (Singapore)

It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we’ve always mapped our path.

Michael S.Dell

Founder, chairman and CEO of Dell

Our services


  • We will provide you with meaningful, accurate and timely financial and management reports. We prepare the accounts in accordance with Singapore Accounting Standards and Companies Act requirements.
  • As well as ensuring compliance with full statutory year-end financial statements, according to clients’ preferences with preparation of monthly, quarterly management accounts.


Every business needs to file tax returns each year. We ensure that clients are aware of all relevant deadlines. Our tax return services covering company, personal, trust and estate schemes remove the inconvenience and risk of filing tax returns incorrectly. In addition, we remind our clients of important due dates in each relevant tax year and of potential tax liabilities.


When incorporating a company, many would-be entrepreneurs rarely give enough thought to choosing the best business vehicle. They can operate as a sole-trader, a partnership or a company – and making the right choice could ensure substantial savings. As well as setting up the appropriate business structure, we can assist with:

  • Goods & Services Tax (GST) or Value Added Tax (VAT) registration;
  • Specific business tax registration;
  • Social Security registration;
  • Statutory compliance etc.


In changing commercial circumstances we have identified the need which many businesses have for sound advice to improve procedures, systems or their structure to increase profitability or liquidity and turn over a decline from an otherwise unavoidable insolvency position. We will carry out a thorough and concise review of the business and prepare a report for the business owner or for an outside lender.

Business Development Partnership

Business Development is crucial to continual business growth and success especially in today’s business environment. We help companies to stay agile in identifying internal and external opportunities for partnership to drive business turnover. It is about creating effective systems and processes, maximizing various circles of influence, mapping and turning prospects into loyal customers as well as developing and executing sound strategies in an efficient manner.

Social Media Marketing Partnership

Social Media is a huge leverage point for all the companies in the millennial world today. Both technology and consumer behaviour are evolving at a rapid rate so it is important to stay on top of the game. We help companies to find strategic partnerships for business collaboration and create a win-win solution for both parties to accomplish their desired mutual goals – driving engagement, increasing lead generation and sales etc, through the sharing of resources, talents and experience.


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