Blog Monetization – 5 Powerful Strategies

With today’s technology and affordability, blog monetization has never been easier. When blogging just started in the 2000s, creating a website probably would cost thousands of dollars for a basic one and tens of thousands for a more decent looking website. Apart from this, it would cost money to maintain the website and blog monetization was just as difficult. 

Back then, you needed to have knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) which is basically coding to set up a website but now, there are many free blogging platforms where you can set up a blog easily with no coding knowledge. 

Just drag and drop the design templates, easy peasy! All you need is a web host and it doesn’t cost a bomb, the cost can be as low as three dollars per month. Once you set up the framework, your blog is ready to go!

According to ConvertKit’s blogging report in 2017, pro bloggers made an average profit of $138,064 the past year and amateur bloggers made only $9,497. The latter formed 86% of those who were surveyed. Blog monetization doesn’t sound that promising after all, right?

Because many of us just want to be our own boss and hope to quit the daily grind of a 9-to-5 job one day. So how do we make money from blogging? 

Here are 5 powerful strategies to help you ace blog monetization:

blog monetization

1. Write about your niche

One of the easiest ways to blog monetization is to write topics about your niche. Because you are already an expert in that specific area of knowledge and skills, you do not need to do much research at all and when you blog about your expertise, this passion and know-how will flow naturally into your writing which speaks volumes about your authority on the topics. 

Businesses are always on the lookout for people who can create content to catalyse their marketing efforts so they can reap maximum results and there is nobody better than the one who is actually experienced, which is you! 

Eg. If you are working as a paralegal, you would probably know about the various laws and regulations. The fact you are working with lawyers on a daily basis sharpens your knowledge and you can set up a blog to write about legal advice or tips people can use when they are faced with some law-related issues. 

2. Sell online courses

Another profitable way is to create and sell online courses. The beginning is always tough but the truth is, you do not need many leads or customers to make money with your first online course. Start small and scale accordingly when it comes to blog monetization. 

People like buying courses even then they can find the same information for free because they like structure and convenience. Online courses are usually focused on a specific topic and they are organised like modules. 

So you create them and you will be surprised that people are willing to pay for them as online courses have a higher perceived value especially when your target audience knows you spent a lot of time creating them to suit their preferences. 

3. Offer sponsored content

Media companies like The Dodo and Buzzfeed produce daily content on social media as well as make money by helping other brands do it too. Brands will collaborate with them in the video production and analytics team, following their proven formula for viral success. 

Media companies also distribute this sponsored content to their massive social media and website followings. Due to the similarity in content, the target audience will enjoy reading it, exposing their clients to a new and engaged viewership, thereby boosting their followings and engagement. 

As a result, huge dividends are being paid. It might seem a little more tedious than the rest but the money is worth it. Definitely one of the most effective blog monetization strategies out there!

4. Sell ebooks

Ebooks are one of the most popular ways to blog monetization. If you are already writing about your niche, you can develop an ebook which is in your niche like a know-how guide or something that is affiliated with your niche. Eg. If you are like a Masterchef and you are already writing about your cooking recipes, you can dive further into baking recipes or photography. 

Insta-worthy photos are always recommended for blogs especially when it comes to food, travel and fashion blogs. Many people struggle with taking good photos so you can create an ebook on cooking with photography, creating “live” interactive and fun lessons which will produce a healthy profit. You can also build a sales funnel which is an online marketing term for an automated multi-step sales process, selling your ebook on autopilot. 

5. Display advertising

There is a lot of hate when it comes to display ads in the blogosphere. Many people think that it is a bad blog monetization strategy because there is very little income you can make from it. In most cases, they are right but there is a reason why display ads are still popular despite the bad press. 

Because display ads work and are the fastest, if not the most profitable way to start monetizing a website. This is actually a common start for many bloggers and they use display ads until they can find better blog monetization strategies. As the saying goes, “Greatness can come from small beginnings.” ― Kamlesh Mishra 

In summary, there are many ways to explore when it comes to blog monetization and most bloggers usually go through some initial trial and error to see what works the best for them. With good content and continuous analytics, you will discover your best blog monetization strategy in due time.


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