The 5 Secrets To Successful Hustling

You hear variations of this word increasingly in recent years – “side hustle”, “hustle”, “hustler” and “hustling”. Many people are using it on social media and what does it mean? They are actually nouns or verbs used in rap/ hip hop music to represent working hard and making money. It can also be a job or something that makes you money, basically your streams of income. 

In numerous instances, you would notice many business owners and/ or entrepreneurs are using this word because their roles put them in a position of wearing multiple hats at any point of time. Not easy but they seem to have it all together. So here comes the important question – what are their secrets to successful hustling?

Here are 5 great tips to successful hustling:

1. Set audacious goals

A hustler pursues progress and constantly likes to get things done. In a nutshell, the individual is a go-getter. Hustling is considered a form of art. It is about improving that 1% every day until success is reached. 

One way to become better is to set audacious goals. Why? Because they are big, uncertain and seem impossible. Working towards something that does not have a final conclusion yet motivates you to give your best effort to achieve it and this is a trait of true hustling. It is not about perfection but about progress day by day. 

2. Do not fear criticism

In life, not everybody will like you so be prepared and stay ready for haters. Most importantly, do not let the haters slow you down. One remarkable trait of successful hustling is to brush off criticism and rejection without getting upset or humiliated. Being indifferent goes a long way in achieving the end goal. 

Negative emails, harsh critics and uninterested investors are common so you will need to learn to ignore the haters because your primary focus should be on improving yourself and your business. When you are intensely focused on making your business a success, you will not even have time to think about the negative criticism directed towards you. 


3. Make connections

“Your network is your net worth” – this rings so true! Connections are crucial to successful hustling because you need to know a large pool of people in order to increase awareness of your business to achieve growth. 

While you can use your network to sell your product and/ or service, do remember that there must be a give and take to ensure the continuous synergy of the symbiotic relationships, benefiting everyone involved.  

4. Authenticity

Highly successful hustlers do not fall into the typical trap of coercing, deceiving or manipulating potential customers into achieving their goals. They genuinely care for people and are authentic in their relationships be it with connections, customers, family or friends. 

They also believe that authenticity is key to staying sustainable and thus providing value and innovative solutions that meet the needs of people around them, enabling continued business growth and longevity. 

5. Be flexible

Things happen everyday and this is part and parcel of the business world too. Trying to stay on top of the game means that you need to handle many things at a time, often including unexpected situations or challenges.

Many of such situations will require you to make quick decisions in order to move forward and ensure the sustainability of your company so you need to be flexible. With the passing of time, the experience will help your response time to improve which is considered another trait of successful hustling. 
In conclusion, having a positive mindset, big dreams, authenticity and flexibility will shape you into being a successful hustler, making the impossible possible. To book a FREE 30 minute business consultation, contact directly.


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